Our vision is of a friendly thriving town that has attractive facilities, great shops and good services

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Who are we?

We are a group of local people committed to making Prudhoe a better place to live and work, welcoming for all.

We employ a manager to run Spetchells Centre but all our other projects are run by trustees and volunteers.

Apart from Spetchells, our latest achievements are building and owning two new shops by the traffic lights  (Stevie Cuts and Gamer Nights)  and setting up Prudhoe Youth Project.

Currently, we are working with others to plan the future of Front Street and linking up volunteers with local community groups.

Anyone living or working in the Prudhoe can become a member of the Partnership. The members elect the trustees each year and receive a quarterly report.

Prudhoe Community Partnership operates as a community development trust responding to local needs and opportunities. It is a  registered charity (no 113927) and company limited by guarantee (number 5757621). If you like numbers, check out our accounts.

Working together to make Prudhoe a great place to live and work.