Volunteering in Prudhoe

Supporting volunteering groups and volunteers in the Prudhoe, Mickley, Stocksfield, Ovington, Ovingham and Wylam areas
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Volunteering in Prudhoe (ViP)

The Partnership is keen to support volunteering in general, working with both organisations and individuals.

Volunteering in Prudhoe (ViP) is a community group set up to promote, support and celebrate volunteering in Prudhoe and the surrounding villages of Mickley, Stocksfield, Ovington, Ovingham and Wylam.

This group is for:

– any organisation who has volunteers to support their work

– any local organisation who has members and who wants to promote their activities

– anyone who is interested in finding out more about volunteering in the Prudhoe Area.

We hope to build on the work undertaken during the pandemic lockdown and plan to offer more targeted support in the coming months.  In the meantime, we are working closely with Northumberland CVA (www.northumberlandcva.org.uk) and are grateful for their support.

ViP has a Facebook group – Volunteering in Prudhoe (ViP) [https://www.facebook.com/groups/2540775599511177] which shares news and information about volunteering.

ViP also has a newsletter published approximately every 3mths and we are always keen to hear of volunteering opportunities.

Any organisation or individual wanting to put volunteering details into the newsletter can send the information to the PCP email: spetchells@prudhoe.org

We look forward to working with local volunteering organisations.



Working together to make Prudhoe a great place to live and work.